A woman is free if she lives by her own standards and creates her own destiny, if she prizes her individuality and puts no boundaries on her hopes for tomorrow.


                                       Mary McLeod Bethune

The Tri-County Women’s Project, Inc., the former Women’s Resource Project, Inc., is a 501 (C) (3) organization which was founded by Barbara Gathers in March 2007 to promote health initiatives, as well as political, economic, cultural, and spiritual awareness among women. Since its inception, the organization has sponsored a number of programs in the community, all of which have been well supported, well attended, and well received.





The mission of the Tri-County Women’s Project, Inc. is to foster and support the personal and communal growth of women through education, networking, and public advocacy.



Cultivating a community of “excellence” with a focus on personal development and community initiatives.



  • Identify/address the critical issues affecting the quality of life for women

  • Promote the equality of women at home, at work, and in the public arena

  • Create a diverse network and support system for women

  • Empower women to achieve their fullest potential